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Buying your fresh roasted coffee from Smart move!
If, like most of our on-line customers, you learned about this site by visiting our store and tasting for yourself, then you know why you’re here and what you’re getting. What are you waiting for?! Go for it! If you heard about us through a friend, congratulations on having good friends, welcome to our site and let us bring you up to speed: Why is our coffee so good?

Taste-tested by the Pros

We taste test each and every roast 500 times a day, 7 days a week at our tasting lab. It’s called Dirt Cowboy Café. Since opening in 1993, we have been serving freshly roasted, individually brewed cups of coffee to over 500 discerning coffee drinkers a day. Talk about feedback! “The Sumatran is my favorite coffee, but it’s just a little, well, biting sometimes.” So we lightened the roast a touch and watched Sumatran catapult to our third best selling coffee. “The Ethiopian Harrar is great, but I had a very similar and really amazing Arabian coffee in San Francisco last week.” So we cupped a few Arabian coffees and added Yemen Mocha Matari to the mix. See, we don’t tell you what’s good – you tell us... and when the boss speaks, we listen! (We’re smart too!)

Roasted and Shipped in 24 Hours

Every coffee offered here at Dirt Cowboy Café is 100% Arabica beans freshly roasted to order and shipped the very next morning – insuring your bag arrives bursting with that deliciously rich flavor and aroma that will fill the room and have you reaching for the grinder. How are we able to do this? By using the smallest commercial roaster on the market and roasting no more than 15 lb batches. No dreams of grandeur here. We keep it real and we like it small. Small is flexible, small is responsive, small is great. Small is cute too! And nothing beats cute.

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