Coffee Storage

Properly storing, grinding and brewing coffee may seem dauntingly complicated at first glance, but is actually quite simple and commonsensical once you understand the basic concerns.

  1. Buy and store only as much as you’ll use in 2 – 4 weeks. It’s still coffee after 4 weeks, but it’s just not nearly as aromatic, rich or tasty. And don’t be falsely reassured by the sell-by dates on some very well-known gourmet coffee brands. They are selling a non-perishable product (you won’t get sick from old coffee) so there’s no regulation on what they are allowed to establish as the sell-by date. You want a good laugh? Go check out those sell-by dates!
  2. If at all possible, buy whole bean as it will stay fresh considerably longer than ground coffee. Grind your coffee fresh each time you make coffee. This may seem tedious to some. Give it a chance. Notice the difference in the cup quality. Try doing it this way for at least a week. You might be surprised how easy it really is... and the pay-off in taste is quite substantial.
  3. Keep light and moisture away from your coffee. Store it in a cupboard in a well-sealed container. Some people swear by storing coffee in their fridge or freezer. However, unless the coffee is very tightly sealed it will absorb odors and flavors from other foods, and it will also attract moisture when taken out.